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On the Road With the iPad Pro and No Laptop Safety Net; Solutions Aplenty for Exporting Bills to Excel Format

Friday, October 21, 2016

Today's issue of TL Serendipity contains these articles:

Neil Squillante, On The Road With The IPad Pro And No Laptop Safety Net

Bill Moritz, How To Export PCLaw Bills To Excel Format

Caren Schwartz, Options For Exporting PCLaw Bills To Excel Format

Donald Coker, Tip: Tabs3 Can Export Bills In Excel Format

Nancy Duhon, Tip: Timeslips Can Export Bills In Excel Format

Bryan Sims, Tip: Use Power PDF Advanced To Convert PDF Bills Into Excel

Tatiana Melnik, Tip: Use Acrobat To Convert PDF Bills Into Excel Format

Paul Billings, Time59 Excel Export Options

Don't miss this issue — or any future issues.

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Our most serendipitous offering (hence its name), TL Serendipity consists of contributions by TechnoLawyer members who have important information to share. You'll no doubt enjoy it because of its mix of interesting topics and genuinely useful knowledge, including brutally honest product reviews and informative how-tos. The TL Serendipity newsletter is free so don't miss the next issue. Please subscribe now.

Review of TranscriptPad 2.2 Plus Understanding Cognitive Biases

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Coming today to LitigationWorld: You've got a five hour flight so you'll split the difference — half watching a movie, half annotating deposition transcripts. With TranscriptPad, you can do both on an iPad but how well does this app work? In this issue of LitigationWorld, litigator Jennifer Dixon evaluates TranscriptPad's import options, transcript viewer, annotation tools, reporting functions, and much more. Also, don't miss the LitigationWorld Pick of the Week to better understand cognitive biases for improved juror selections and expert prep.

How to Receive LitigationWorld
All practice areas evolve, but none faster than litigation. Written by successful litigators and other litigation experts, LitigationWorld provides you with practical tips related to electronic discovery, depositions, litigation strategy, litigation technology, and trial presentations. LitigationWorld also features in-depth litigation product reviews with accompanying TechnoScore ratings, as well as links to the most noteworthy litigation articles in other publications so that you'll never miss anything. The LitigationWorld newsletter is free so don't miss the next issue. Please subscribe now.

ExhibitManager 5 Organizes Exhibits, Automates Exhibit References, and Creates Ebriefs

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Today's issue of TL NewsWire covers litigation software for organizing exhibits, automating exhibit references in documents, and creating ebriefs (see article below). In addition, you'll find links to the previous 11 TL NewsWire features, including our coverage of software for mining your firm's work product, a practice management app for Android and iOS, a legal research service that makes it faster to find relevant cases, a Word add-in for finding common errors in the contracts you draft, and much more. Don't miss the next issue.

Lots of software exists for managing citations and creating a table of authorities. But what about exhibits? In fact-intensive documents, they become just as numerous and therefore tedious to manage. This problem begs for automation.

ExhibitManager … in One Sentence

Launched recently, Causasoft's ExhibitManager 5 is litigation software that integrates with Microsoft Word for organizing, reviewing, and referencing exhibits in briefs and other documents.

The Killer Feature

ExhibitManager provides a spreadsheet-like view of the exhibits you import. With a click, you insert a reference to an exhibit in one or more Word documents as you draft. At any point, another click automatically updates the exhibit numbers across all documents so that they're in numerical or chronological order within each document. You can update exhibit numbering as often as you want.

ExhibitManager can also generate a table of exhibits that likewise gets updated to match the exhibit numbering in the document. You can customize ExhibitManager to display exhibit references to comply with the style requirements of a particular jurisdiction.

"Exhibits often have to be numbered in multiple documents such as with a brief accompanied by witness statements and/or expert reports that all refer to the same exhibits," Managing Director Simone Pestalozzi told me during an online demo. "With ExhibitManager's automation technology, lawyers have more time to concentrate on case strategy instead of time-consuming administrative work."

Other Notable Features

ExhibitManager offers bulk importing of exhibits in many common formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, etc., including OCR processing if necessary. You can also import email messages and attachments. If you know an exhibit exists but you don't have a copy yet, ExhibitManager enables you to create a placeholder that you can reference in the meantime.

The main table in ExhibitManager features sortable columns that each user can move. Columns include metadata such as the exhibit number, type description, ID, date, etc. You can also apply tags to and annotate exhibits, both of which then become visible in their own respective columns. To the right of this table is the Preview area for viewing any exhibit you select.

When you need to use exhibits at a deposition or in court or share them with a client, expert, opposing counsel, etc., ExhibitManager can export a Bundle. The Bundle Assistant walks you through the process, enabling you to select the exhibits to include, apply a stamp with the exhibit number to the first page, apply Bates stamps to every page, add pagination, etc. ExhibitManager outputs all the selected exhibits to a folder, also creates a hyperlinked reference document.

ExhibitManager also automates the creation of ebriefs, obviating the need for a service provider. The eBrief Assistant offers options such as adding hyperlinks from the exhibit references in your brief to the exhibit. If you're sending an ebrief to a client or expert for review, you can include your exhibit annotations. You can efile an ebrief as a ZIP file or submit it on a CD or flash drive depending on your jurisdiction.

What Else Should You Know?

ExhibitManager works with Word 2007 and later and runs on Windows 7 or later. It costs $295 per user per year with volume discounts available. This includes all software updates and telephone support. There's an additional one-time cost for setup. Learn more about ExhibitManager.

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So many products, so little time. In each issue of TL NewsWire, you'll learn about five new products for the legal profession. Pressed for time? The newsletter's innovative articles enable lawyers and law office administrators to quickly understand the function of a product, and zero in on its most important features. The TL NewsWire newsletter is free so don't miss the next issue. Please subscribe now.

How to Run Your Law Firm Like a Business Plus 49 More Must-Reads

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Coming today to SmallLaw: Our editorial team has selected and linked to the 50 best articles, podcasts, and videos from the past week worthy of your attention. Below you'll find a sampling from today's issue, including our SmallLaw Pick of the Week. SmallLaw is free so don't miss the next issue — sign up now.

Congratulations to Stephen Fairley of The National Law Review on winning our SmallLaw Pick of the Week award: How to Run Your Law Firm Like a Business

Do Your Employees Ignore the System?

Here's What Attorneys Should Earn in 2017

Email Marketing Stats You Shouldn't Ignore

I'm Not Wrong About Marketing to $1 Million (Podcast)

How to Receive SmallLaw
Small law firm, big dreams. Written by successful small-firm founders, managing partners, administrators, and legal technology and practice management experts, SmallLaw provides practical advice on management, marketing, and technology issues in solo practices and small law firms. Additionally, SmallLaw features comprehensive reviews of legal products with accompanying TechnoScore ratings. SmallLaw also ensures that you won't miss anything published elsewhere by linking to helpful articles, podcasts, and videos about solo practices and small law firms. Subscribe now for free.

A Look Back at the First Am Law 50 in 1985 Plus Last Week's Inside Baseball

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Coming today to BiglawWorld: Our editorial team has assembled links to all the partner promotions and lateral moves announced by America's largest law firms during the past week in an easy-to-scan format. You'll also find must-read analysis, rankings, trends, etc. about large law firms.

We'd like to congratulate everyone who leveled up this week. Here's a sampling:

Arent Fox Welcomes Corporate Finance Attorney Sam Miller

Former SEC Associate Regional Director Lorraine Echavarria to Join WilmerHale's Los Angeles Office

"Lifer" Boccassini Is New Managing Partner at McCarter & English

Tech Transactions Lawyer George Willman Joins Pillsbury in Silicon Valley

Congratulations to Bruce MacEwen of Adam Smith, Esq on winning our BiglawWorld Pick of the Week award: A Look Back at the First Am Law 50 in 1985.

How to Receive BiglawWorld
BiglawWorld keeps you apprised of lateral hires, internal promotions, mergers, new offices, accolades, and other inside baseball at America's largest law firms. Because we organize this self-reported news by practice area and law firm, BiglawWorld takes just a few minutes to scan yet its comprehensiveness makes it the only source you need. Each issue of BiglawWorld also links to insightful articles, statistical reports, rankings, podcasts, and videos about large law firms. Subscribe now for free.

As Chair of our firm's Litigation Team Technology Committee, TechnoRelease provides an excellent means for me to become aware of new technological developments applicable to the practice of law, and helps me analyze options and make recommendations for hardware and software acquisitions.
- William J. Mulligan, Esq., Davis & Kuelthau
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