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Over the years, TechnoLawyer has earned a reputation as an extremely cost-effective legal marketing channel for generating leads, sales, and referrals, and creating brand awareness. Our sophisticated advertising technology coupled with the rich contextual framework provided by our popular email newsletters and eBook is unrivaled in the legal market.

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photo Robert L. Wiss
VP, Litigation Services
TechnoLawyer has been a fantastic tool for reaching prospects and turning them into clients. As you would expect, we carefully track the source of our sales leads. Our results show that the dollars we invest in TechnoLawyer have far more impact than those we spend on print advertising, direct mail, trade shows, etc. I'd be glad to answer any questions about the results we've seen.

photo Shannan Friedman
Marketing Manager
Equisys Inc.
Our October 7th advertisement in TechnoLawyer generated a 40% click-through rate, and produced many high-quality leads for our salespeople. And that was just one of the many TechnoLawyer ads we run every month. Since 2000, TechnoLawyer has played an instrumental role in helping us market our software to the legal profession.

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