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Why Lawyers Need Not Fear Disruption

By Neil J. Squillante

Published August 10, 2014

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Some pundits have tried to put the fear of God into lawyers like you about disruptive innovation. They claim your ability to practice law is at risk. If you want to keep your BMW, you can always become an Uber driver. Just kidding. These pundits are dead wrong. Your law firm may struggle and even die, but the coroner won't list disruption as the cause of death.

Disruptive innovation is real. It happens all the time. Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen pioneered the theory in his book, The Innovator's Dilemma.

However, pundits who predict doom and gloom for lawyers don't understand disruption theory. For example, they often equate disruption with going out of business. Christensen recently noted that disruption "is not a theory about survivability."

In this TL Research report, you'll learn about all three types of disruption — low end, new market, and professional services — and why none of them threaten lawyers like you. That said, other more mundane risks exist that you must address just like every other business.

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