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iPhone X Precise Cutouts (Free PDF)

By TechnoLawyer

Published September 14, 2017

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Good luck getting your hands on an iPhone X November 3. Every iPhone enthusiast and many others will preorder it sight unseen.

In the meantime, there's plenty of time to reflect on the unusual dimensions and edge-to-edge display.

At 143.6 mm high by 70.9 mm wide, the iPhone X is a little larger than the iPhone 6/7/8 models. However, its 5.8-inch diagonal display is larger than the 5.5-inch display on the iPhone 6/7/8 Plus models.

Reading about this technological marvel is one thing but there's no substitute for trying it before buying it.

And now you can, sort of …

iPhone X Precise Cutouts iPhone X Precise Cutouts
Download TechnoLawyer's iPhone X Precise Cutouts

We've created a letter size PDF document with two iPhone X cutouts. Compare the size to your current phone and judge one-handed use. We've even created a precise 7.7 mm edge. Print two copies to construct a 3D model.

Download TechnoLawyer's iPhone X Precise Cutouts. Enjoy!

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