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The Egg Theory: What Clients Really Want From Their Lawyers

By John R. Kirk

Published May 1, 2015

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After retiring from law practice, John Kirk turned his hobby of posting comments online into a second career, becoming a columnist for Tech.pinions.

Many of John's articles analyzing Apple and its business strategy have since gone viral. John has received praise from Fortune and other publications.

We asked John to apply his unique understanding of Apple to law firms. The result is this TL Research report.

The Egg Theory is John's twist on the "Jobs to Be Done" theory, which posits that people hire products and services for specific jobs. It's not as easy as it seems to figure out what people want..

As evidenced by its world-beating market capitalization, Apple understands this theory better than any other company. The Egg Theory teaches you to think about the legal services you provide the way Apple thinks about product development.

Take your law firm to an even higher level of success by grokking what few other lawyers ever will.

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