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The Most Reliable Legal Technology Study Ever

By Andrew Z. Adkins III

Published March 1, 2011

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The legal market has no shortage of studies. However, most are unreliable because they don't employ sound statistical principles such as random sampling with an acceptable error rate.

Today we have added to the TechnoLawyer Library what we consider the most comprehensive and reliable legal technology study ever created.

Case, Matter, and Practice Management System Study

Andrew Z. Adkins III (Andy) is one of the most accomplished and revered technology experts in the legal profession. Recognizing the need for a reliable understanding of the technology used by corporate legal departments and large and small law firms, Andy achieved the impossible with the Perfect Practice Legal Technology Institute Case, Matter, and Practice Management System Study — an error rate of just +/–5.4%.

The Most Reliable Legal Technology Study Ever The Most Reliable Legal Technology Study Ever
The information in this 312-page study answers virtually any question you may have about technology usage in the legal profession — the most popular document and practice management systems, the penetration of document review and other eDiscovery and litigation support applications, what lawyers think about Web-based (SaaS) applications, the percentage of lawyers using dual monitors, and much more.

This study costs $395 for most people. But not for TechnoLawyer subscribers. We have acquired the rights to the study, which means that Technolawyer subscribers can download a copy free of charge.

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