Does the Billable Hour Endanger Your Health? Plus 49 More Must-Reads
October 24, 2019
Does the Billable Hour Endanger Your Health?
I've thought for a long time that our profession's emphasis on billable hours is horrendous to personal and even professional relationships and opportunities. It forces us to make too many time-value judgments that too often are based purely on whether an activity is billable. It forces people away from real life and into a world where everything is billable (important), or not (not important).… How many professional and personal opportunities do we miss by making value judgments from the start based on a billable v. non-billable analysis? How often do we fail to take advantage of business development or personal enrichment opportunities ...?
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Liz Kurtz is a former federal law clerk and large firm litigator with a background in white collar criminal defense and general commercial litigation. She is a co-founding editor of BiglawWorld, and also contributes to other TechnoLawyer newsletters.
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